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Hey guys. I've been reading a lot about corkies here lately. What exactly are they? Do they work better than these little jigs?

Just wondering.
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They are a float device. It is about the size of pea and it going on your line (usually when you are floating spawn). I like to use them on the piers so the spawn stays above the ground.

The full name of what you are inquiring about is Lil' Corky. Most bait/tackle stores have them. They cost about $0.20.

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Thanks Zob. I see. I was thinking they were some kind of lure.

Also, I guess I shouldn't have deleted my pic so soon!
Thanks again...Sid
I believe they can also be used as lures. Wobble glow's is what I believed there called. You cast them out as far as you can and let them bounce bottom until there close to the side your fishing on. I have never used them but here they can be effective. I've seen them where you put the line through the hole, along with some beeds and then a real small treble hook. Ont he hook you put the spawn. I use them like zob zob does, though so I am no expert on these things. .
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Thanks Stel, I'm going to pick some up next time I'm at the bait shop. Sounds like they might be a good trick at 6th st. since the bottom's so nasty down there.
Take care...Sid
Let us know how you do and how you rig em up. I possibly might give them a try up here. I know of a nice spot they might work;)
I'll do that. Tuesday is supposed to be 40 and rainy. I'll see if I can make it out.
Dan's right... wobble glos are similar. That being said, the primary difference is that the hole is bigger which is why you have to add the bead. Also, wobble glos are not spherical like a corky so they spin *or wobble* in the current. Wobble glos are a lure and a corky is a float.

Are sold by the Yakima Bait company. Here is a link to their website

They are also sold in most tackle shops near Salmon and Steelhead rivers. There are glow in the dark colors, and all sorts of patterns. Different rivers seem to do better with certain colors/patterns - can't say why. There are also different sizes.
Not giving away any specific colors, but not everyone carries some colors that I find to work well. Maybe because no one else has them, since the tackle shops don't sell them?
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I use them quite a bit, but mostly in stained water. They were a staple of mine on all rivers, but with today's clarity, I stopped using them on some rivers.

Pearl, pearl clown, chartreuse clown, firetiger, pearl blush, orange, gold and silver are some of my favorites.

I'm down to using the smaller ones (12's and 14's)

Here's one from yesterday that fell to a 12 chartreuse clown fished with skein.

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HEY, it's Lon!!! Cool, glad to hear you guys got some fish and I am sure some fun as well. :)
That was his first ever.

Yeah, you missed a good one. By now, I'm sure it's in all the papers... LOL :eek:
Too cool. I remember KF2 saying he was gonna get him "hooked" on this steelhead thing soon. :)
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