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cool self propelled shanty.

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I seen this on another site and thought it was pretty cool.
This guy from Florence, wis. made this shanty. Those are 2 artic cat tracks you see under there,

Sure would be nice on those cold blowing days:D

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Looks like someone had way too much free time on their hands!
Only problem is you gotta register your shanty and get an ORV sticker. But once you did, you could drive it out there.
All that thing needs is a small trencher attachment and you could be trolling ;)

Pretty cool, I like looking at people's "inventions". Someone obviously had a little free time on their hand. Could double as a nice deer blind.
Seems room would be at a minimum inside. Awesome! Id love to see the inside and where he puches holes thru and where he sits at.
Originally posted by chad 1 Sure would be nice on those cold blowing days:D

chad1 [/B]

I wonder just how windy a day he go out in:eek: Looks a little top heavy:D pretty neat though:cool:
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I saw a feature tv article on this. The guy only uses it as a shelter to watch tip-ups. It has two old polaris frames and tracks with a shaft between them for hooking up the engine. I think it is a 12 hp garden tractor that powers it It has a steering wheel but all the steering wheel does is operate a brake on either track and it turns like a bull dozer. If he gets where the snow is too deep, he puts it in reverse and backs up. It has two bench type seats inside and access doors, from outdoors, for his auger and equip under those seats. Sleds are held together with a sheet of 3/4 plywood which is also the floor. Top speed is about 5 mph. He is over 80 years old and has a machine shop that he tinkers in.

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We have an old sled behind the outhouse at our cabin up north. I wonder if...?:D
Actually 2 identical sleds and tracks ...
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