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Cool ice pictures, post here

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I’m always amazed at how water turns into solid art in the winter. Please post any cool natural ice formations here.
I found this in some deer tracks through a swamp today. I’ve never seen ice form like a Playdough spaghetti maker out of the ground. Nothing else was really frozen either. I would have loved to see a time lapse on this stuff forming.
Wood Plant Freezing Bedrock Close-up

Wood Twig Grey Grass Water
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Cant find my frost on the windshield pic but them are very cool.
At least 0 C cool!
Ha Ha how's it going Sharky? I survived 3 months of duck hunting every weekend, 2 days each.
I don't want to see any "cool" ice for a while....
Isnt all ice cool?
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Plant Branch Twig Wood Snow

Water Natural landscape Tree Grass Twig

Water Glove Gesture Liquid Art

From an ice storm in April of 2018.
Wow, that’s a few degrees below blue balls…
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That was sent directly to my wife! lmao!!
Wow, that’s a few degrees below blue balls…
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I took a walk around the pond to see what fell through the ice, which I never saw. But did see this large-ish snapper under the ice. It moved a bit when I stumbled upon it.
Cloud Water Sky Water resources Atmosphere

Snow Freezing Wood Twig Landscape
For some reason I had the whole wall to myself that night. Spent most of the night dodging ice flows. November 12, 2019 Caseville.

Automotive lighting Road surface Water Sky Asphalt
Automotive tire Freezing Gas Tints and shades Snow
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