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Commercial fishing and non-consumption fish

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As I read the fish advisory guide I se there is "NO CONSUMPTION" on almost all sizes of whitefish, and lake trout comming from the Lake Michigan waters. I also know for a fact that these fish that have been deemed "NO CONSUMPTION" are also netted and sold by the commercial fisheries to many of our local restaurants. I almost feel cheated that I was not given the same warning when looking at the menus of these establishments. Don't you think this is something the public should be aware of? Haven't the restaurants knowingly put my health at risk, and even more for my pregnant wife?:mad: Why should we accept this? Why don't we insist that the same warnings that we as sportsmen are given, don't find their way to the final consumer of the commercial fishing via the restaurants? I would think the fish warnings should follow the product wherever the fish ends up. Who's to stop us from demanding the truth be known about the quality of their harvest? Perhaps this will in turn curtail the harvest due to demand moving to safer waters?

something I've been pondering, and I'd really like to hear some thoughts.
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Well I was wantin to post something here about commercial fishing that I have noticed.It sorta off the topic but anyways Im wondering what gives the canadians rights to have lake erie boats to come up and commercial net fish from Lake Hurons waters?They do this during the winter months and join the fleet from Point Edward across from Port Huron.Also I noticed their boats coming in the St Clair river from the American side yesterday.Im sure on this they dont have rights to take fish on the american side of Lake Huron.:mad:
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