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Mike I copied your photo and sent it to my photo elbum at photo point. Here you are on the net.


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Thanks Bass cat. Both pics are of my guests. One of course was a great little duck spot I lucked out and found We had our limits by 8:00AM and the other was of an outstanding day on Lake Michigan. I still need to figure out how to take a web address that is nothing but a photo and be able to post it on a forum report. I hope it can be done.
I went to the web address in your pictures and right clicked on the picture and saved it as a picture on my computer. Then I sent the picture to photopoint.com . From there I posted them on the web.
Mike i am SURE glad that you didn't get them DUCKS with a crossbow :)

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The way th e ducks piled into that spot I think we still would have done OK even with a CrossBow. Next hunt at that spot was also a limit.

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