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Cold Weather Puppies Due ?? How to keep warm?

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My black n tan will be having puppies here around the 15th, When I bred her I planned to keep her in the basement of the house with the puppies. But I have since moved and will be unable to keep her in the basement . SO I am looking for Idea's suggestions or anything you got to help me keep the puppies warm in the winter weather.


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I would take bails of hay and stack them around the doghouse. Depending on what type, shape and size the dog box/house. Stack them two or three high, then a couple over the top. In other words you make a shell around and over the doghouse. Then for a front entrance have several more bails and make like a walkway (tunnel) to the front door that has a flap on it. A heat lamp works GREAT. But be very carefull using it outside in a small enclosure.

Personally I would make every effort to make a whelping box for inside the house and have the litter indoors.
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