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CLearance sale

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Guy's Im going to move some muskies rods, what I have is 6- model number 1120 7' MH rods, with Penn 320gti's, Board rods. Also 2- 6' Ugly Stick rods with 320gti's used for corner rods, 1- 10' Charter's choice long rod with 320gti, I want $700.00 for the whole package. I will have some mis. muskie bait's for sale to that I no longer use. Also I have 2- Eagle Claw 10' long rods $15.00 for the both.
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Let us know what the baits are going to be, I need some trolling baits.
Roger on that, i'm taking a ride to the garage today.
Gotcha...I interested in the Eagle Claw rods. Are they noodle rods? What line are they rated for? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Negetiveon the noodle rod, there modle #Go 504 casting rod, line size 15-30 lbs, lure weight 1-5 oz. I used them for trolling for muskies as a long rod of the gunal's.
Do you think those 10' Eagle Claws would work OK for Dipsies? Are all the guides intact? If so I'll take 'em. Thanks!
Highpowered, I would't see why not, they could use some new foam on the butt section, a little rough from the saly rod holders.
Is there anybody interested in taking a look at all my muskie equipment, if so I'll put it all together for veiwing ? I want to sell as a package...
Gotcha....did you get rid of the Eagle Claw rods? If not, I'll take them. Would you be able to ship to Muskegon?

Let me know,

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