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cleaned some steelhead and found

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5 spawn sacks and a ton of skein in one of them. it was a skipper all of 1 to 2 lbs. also had a bunch of "tubes" in him. i was really suprised how much skein he had eaten. wish i had a digi cam so i could have posted a pic of it. one of the bigger fish had a spawn sack and red hook in his belly. that was it though. i just thought it was interesting.

what have you found in a fish you were cleaning?:)
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Caught a king one time that had a dipsey ring grown around its neck. Had swam into it and couldn't get it off.
Polarbear, the one that comes to mind 1st is a laker outta torch lake 2 seasons ago.A dandy 16#`er, it had (3)12inch lake herring in her and still hit my 13 jointed rapala off a dipsy.What a pig eh ? Cleaned some browns this ice season caught outta bear lake that had small white snail shells just packed full. Escargo anyone?
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Good post, I'll go.... I have caught a few steelies, the river ones have had snails, worms, plastic beads, spin glo's, red berries, hooks, corn, and leaves, and of coarse spawn. I did get a huge summer steely once with a 6 inch rockbass in it. In the lake I have found them with bugs, cigarette butts, plastic, and the weirdest was a fairly large yellow finch(musta got tired). Alot of these "trash eaters" were out 18 + miles on a thermal break, where garbage seems to collect.
I did get a 20 + king once with 22 alewives in its belly!:)
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Originally posted by Spanky
I did get a 20 + king once with 22 alewives in its belly!:)
Holy full belly batman!!!!!!! gues that the king was "supersizing."
It is amazing what steelhead will eat. Over the years while river fishing I've seen bubblegum, small rocks, small pieces of sticks, corn and small corkies in their bellies. Try looking in the bellies of steelhead that you catch off scum lines in the lake. Its funny what they eat...... Roughneck
Last year we caught an 8-9 lbs laker with 18 smelt in its belly. Took a white fly 225 back on a dipsie on #3. I kept them for awhile in a ziploc to show guest until my wife said thats enough.
lol.... and someone said they are fineky....:D sounds like they eat anything.:)
I have actually witnessed steelies picking spawnbags off of logs.

People would drift get caught on the log and break off...it was a popular run so there were a lot of spawn bags attached to this log.

Fish would swim up and start eating the bags off the log...haha...
Interesting thread...kinda cool to hear about what's being found in the bellies of fish!

Although, it makes me wonder why I spend so much money on tackle when all I really need are some cigarette butts and a stick of gum!

...and my wife wonders why I examine the stomach contents of the fish I catch. :D
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Years ago Mi. record laker(I believe it was 57lbs.) was caught on a Charger later was disalouded because it had a decomposing 12lb. laker inside it. Go figure
14 " rainbow thru the ice had a 6" rubber worm folded in half hangin out of its back door. I though it was tryin to spawn until it popped out on my ice shanty.
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