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Christmas Rabbit Hunt

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Went out rabbit hunting this afternoon with my brother and got quite the Christmas gift. After the fresh snow we got last night, there was very little rabbit sign, but our luck changed quickly after go through one briar patch where we got 3 rabbits. We got two more by the end of the day for a total of five and saw three others that got away. Not a bad day for having no dogs. I'll try to post some pics in the future.
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im going myself, tomorrow (26th). we have a few places that always hold bunnies. we should have a decent day. will post my results, and maybe a pic, if my cuz's camera is available.
Bunny hunting in a fresh snow is a ton of fun.
we went 4 for 9 on the cottontails yesterday. was alot of fun with the fresh snow. unable to get pics, cuz's camera was not available.
Hey BT I can help you with that shootin' cause it sounds like you need some help.
We went 0 for 2. We did take one tree rat. We were hunting with 22's so a little harder. No dogs.
Went out on Monday afternoon w/ my dad and Lab to get some exercise and rabbit or two. We were only out about two hours before my sinus infection got the best of me but we managed to get 5 out of seven spotted. They were holding real tight and actually watched my lab get within about a foot of one in a deadfall before it bolted. The two that got away went out the back door after the dog and myself had been in the brush. Good start to the season for us.
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