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chooseing you stand

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o.k time to pick your brains,other than wind direction,and the more basic things,just wondering how all of you gun and bow hunters,decide where to place your stands,what terrain features do you look for?what influnces you the most to put your stand where you do?i hunt mostly farm lands ,and hunt the edegs of fields and trails going to fields and have had ok success,have gotten some deacent bucks and does,just trying to improve my hunting a bit and see how your setups differ from mine:)
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Take a look at the Homepage of MS and scroll down through the articles that are offered. You'll find a piece by me titled, "Scoutings Perfect Ten". It will give you my idea of how to locate a likely area in which to ambush the wily whitetail.

Keep in mind, it entails many things, but WIND is the key. I refer, not only to the wind directions on a particular day, but also how terrain and tree growth cause it to swirl and change directions, totally unexpected from the compass point from which the wind blows.
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