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Fished the last couple of evenings out of Charlevoix. Very slow, 3 kings in 2 trips. No rips on dipsies or lead. Tried all depths and about ever kind of lure we could think of.

fish 1: slider on rigger, 80 down, 140 fow. Ludington Special (I think, kinda caramel dolphin looking)
fish 2: rigger, 60 down, 230 fow. Moonshine Bloody Nose
fish 3: rslider on rigger, 85 down, 200 fow. Ludington Special

Friends did pretty good in Lake Charlevoix by the Coast Guard Station on Sunday AM. Beat the water up hard there for 2 more days and nothing.

Has been a pretty slow Aug so far for me anyhow. I did better in July. The tide has to turn sooner or later I figure.
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