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Caribou hunting questions

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I have booked a semi guided hunt in Quebec for next December and I am trying to get prepared for it. Right now my largest caliber gun is a 243 but I can borrow a 270 or a 3006 from my Mom. Here's the questions:
Which caliber would you choose and what grain bullet?
I am dead set on taking one of my animals with my bow. For you guys that have hunted them before: Is that a reasonable task or am I chasing a dream!??
Any other tips or things that I should be aware of that will help me plan out my trip?
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lordy, man i can only dream of doing that, in fact i have been dreaming of it. maybe some day, anyways, the best of luck in your hunt.
may the great spirits smile down on you.
PS. did ya think of tryin a musket?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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