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Carbons vs. Aluminums

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Gentlemen -

I thought I'd share a recent change that I made.

For ten years I have been using Easton XX75 2317 aluminum arrows. Recently most of my buddies have switched to carbons. I decided that the next time I needed arrows I would try a carbon. Well, I needed arrows after this season so I bought some Easton Epic 340s. I asked the shop owner if I could chronograph the difference. The aluminum put out 223 ft/second. The carbon flew at 267 ft/second. WOW. These arrows MOVE. The only complaint I have is that they are considerably LOUDER than my old arrows.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the carbons are better arrows. My XX75s put down 19 deer over the years. I just thought I would post this for anyone who is considering the swap and wanted details.
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I like Carbon my self. they seem to out last the alum one. the price is about the anymore also. that is my .02
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