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Carbons vs. Aluminums

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Gentlemen -

I thought I'd share a recent change that I made.

For ten years I have been using Easton XX75 2317 aluminum arrows. Recently most of my buddies have switched to carbons. I decided that the next time I needed arrows I would try a carbon. Well, I needed arrows after this season so I bought some Easton Epic 340s. I asked the shop owner if I could chronograph the difference. The aluminum put out 223 ft/second. The carbon flew at 267 ft/second. WOW. These arrows MOVE. The only complaint I have is that they are considerably LOUDER than my old arrows.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the carbons are better arrows. My XX75s put down 19 deer over the years. I just thought I would post this for anyone who is considering the swap and wanted details.
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I've gone between 300 grain arrows, to 325, and up to around 400 for about 10 years now, and find I like my 300-325 gr. range the best. My favorites are the Carbon Express 200's, with an 80 grain GT Silvertip, around 63#'s, at about 275fps.

Aluminums are great, and other than durability, if you are only going to ever shoot 20 yards, they maybe the best no-nonsense choice. I don't only shoot 20 yards, and that's why I prefer the carbons. I've also found they are still very quiet, if shot from a quiet bow.
It make sense to me, that an aluminum, doe to the fact it is less stiff than a carbon arrow, would have more "flex" at the impact of the hit, and therefore, would absorbe some of the energy of the shot that would have otherwise been transfered by a stiffer, even though lighter, carbon shaft, resulting in increased penetration by the carbon shaft.

What do you think?

There is also a huge difference in wind-drift from carbon to aluminum. I've seen a 2413 drift 10" at 44 yards, where a small diameter carbon drifted 4" at the same target, shot at the same time. Again, this doesn't really matter to the guy that will only shoot 20 yards, but it is a big difference if you are capable of longer.
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