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Carbon Express Press conference and politics

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thanks for the post. lmao:) . all this stems from his fight to keep arrows built oversees from being taxed the same as arrows built here in the states.

in a day and age when archery numbers are falling or at best level in most states and bow prices have shot through the roof, is someone going to get into the sport only because it is $20.00 cheaper thanks to bob.

i would be interested to know how they came up with their increase in archery participation numbers.

makes me wish i was going to the ata next weekend.
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I hadn't heard much about this bill but I figured there was something behind this little press release. Wasn't sure what it was but I figured it had to benefit them. I agree though, whats $20 when your spending a grand already! I just spent $72 for a dozen Beman ICS hunters with Feathers...expected to pay a bit more than that I guess so I probably wouldn't have missed the $20.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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