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But if you try sometimes you'll find, you get what you need :)

Wanted to catch a limit,
caught 2 and lost 3.

Guess I don't really need a limit. Honestly I just wanted to fish in decent weather. And decent it was. Well right up till the rain, but it was really nice till then. And I did get some fish so I did get what I need.
Stopped by a secret spot on my way home and found some shrooms to go with my walleyes. Yah!

One fish I caught on the zero z too and one on a fin s minnow pimp daddy colored. Zero z too w orange head got the most bites.
I trolled some crawler harnesses for a bit too. I used 2oz weights. Maybe not enough? Didn't get any biters.
Also pretty sure I hooked into a sturgeon while jigging. I felt weight on my lift and immediately set the hook. Only it didn't give. My rod bent straight over and whatever I hooked took off under the boat for port huron. Fortunately it came off. Kinda left me weak in the knees for minute afterword's. Werent no walleye!




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By the end of the weekend, I want to hear how many PMs you get about your morel spot.

Are you still fishing the lower end of the North Channel or are you looking elsewhere now? I’m planning one big ass drift tomorrow morning from Algonac down to the no wake zone because the boat needs a gas stop at Balfour’s. Without ever going back through a bite zone it will be interesting but a fun challenge none the less.

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So I had this idea for cooking up some walleyes and morels. I personally thought it turned out pretty good so thought I would share it.
Disclaimer: Alcohol may have been involved in this process. Eat at your own risk :)

I call it "Walleye on the Half Shroom"
These are the ingredients.
1 walleye filet.
Some fresh morels. Cut in half rinsed nice and clean. I let them dry for a bit on paper towel.
Sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
Panko bread crumbs.
Shaved parmesan cheese
Margerine, I like the smart balance stuff. Obviously butter would be pretty awesome. I have to limit such things.


I lined the bottom of some small round baking dishes with the morels. It's okay to crowd them they tend to shrink some when cooking.
Then I placed the sections of walleye fillets over the top of the shrooms. Dabbed a good pat size of the margerine on top and sort of spread it around slightly.
Added a little bit of salt and pepper. Covered with shaved parmesan cheese. And sprinkled with the panko bread crumbs. Finally I topped with a little but more of the sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
Baked at 325 for 30 minutes.


More of like an appetizer. Thought it turned out really good. Then again hard to mess up fresh walleye and morels.
Some more chef minded people could probably make it better.
My son suggested cooking the bread crumbs in butter and then covering the fish.
It was good enough for me as is.

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