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This article could be in the camping or youth forum. I put it here to catch all of you. Why not take the neighbor kid playmate to your kids camping with you? Not all the kids in the neighborhood are as fortunate as we were. I attended the AFL-CIO Day camps during the 1950s, a camp councelor for a YMCA summer camp in the late 1960s and a state park ranger in the early 1970s. Camping has to be the one great way to open up the outdoor world to a youngster. It can be the simple setting to the specific learning school. Camping can cover the whole range from fishing, hunting, the critters, plants, and the entire environment.

Camping out of necessity

Call summer camp a family life raft. In a culture where almost every parent works, it’s a scramble to figure out where to put the kids when the school doors close in June. Increasingly, children march off to camp.

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