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calling all pike fisherman

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Calling all Pike fisherman

I saw a flyer at Gander Mountain for this pike contest on Feb 28th. $35 bucks to enter (if you pre register) $40 the day of event. You meet at this bar parking lot at 10 am and have to be back by 3 pm for size up. 1st prize $500 , 2nd prize $200 , and $50 for 3rd. You fish any lake in the area. I like the idea of a contest. The entry fee sounds high to me. I fished a pike tournament in the Chicago area last weekend and it was only $10 bucks. All the beer you could drink on the ice. They had chili to eat on the ice. Size up back at the bar by 2pm. Got more food for free. They had a 1st 2nd 3rd prize for each species. This coming weekend they have another contest with hourly prizes for all species. That one is only $5 bucks to enter. Also with free food. The $500 dollar prize is on my mind for this contest. E mail me ([email protected]) if you want to know more details about the contest. Its called “Pike-o-rama!
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Pickney area. The closest lake to the size up station is North lake which is right across the road. Any of the lakes in the area can be fished on tourney day. just be back to the size up station be 3 Pm.
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