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Cabela's new fly fishing catolog

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I received my 2004 Cabela's Fly Fishing catalog yesterday in the mail. I am very impressed with the new catalog, they now carry Sage rods, reels, and other Sage gear, Simms Vest's, Wader's, and other Simms gear. They are selling the Bladwin, Michigan made Harris Fly reels. Also they finally have some steelhead flies that are tied for Michigan waters such as Bears Hex, Pm caddis, one of Ray Schimidts fly's (cant remember which one) and several other proven flys for Michigan waters.

Actually the new gear they have, sounds like trouble for my savings account :eek:
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sounds good steelslam let me know when you get home!!!
I hear ya Dale! Those Simms Gor tex waders if you look close at them in the catalog they have my name on them!!! LOL!!!!:D
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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