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Butten Bucks

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Over the last week I did an "informal" poll of a few deer processers in my area. 5 to be exact. In the December doe season, 50 to 60% of the deer they cut up were button bucks!! How in the world are we going to get a better buck to doe ratio if we kill off all of next years bucks! Shouldn't we protect them by having a DOE only antlerless hunt. If we can't govern ourselves maybe we need to change THE LAW.I have to work thursday night, I hope one of you will bring this up to the DNR officer in the chat room. Thanks for letting me vent a little.

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We need to educate everyone on deer management, not QDM. We have the choice with a doe permit to shoot or not. We are not mind readers and have no idea the kind of winter mother nature has in store and the fawn of the year will be the first to perish. I fail to see how mandatory QDM will help reduce the button buck kill. It should be easy for a bow hunter to identify that button buck at 20 yards and a gun hunter should wait until the target is known. If you don't know don't shoot. I can't see the judge in the courtroom handing down a fine because an inexperienced deer hunter killed a button buck instead of the fawn doe that was with him. Can you? Instead of complaining about the problem we should be out there educating.
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