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Butten Bucks

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Over the last week I did an "informal" poll of a few deer processers in my area. 5 to be exact. In the December doe season, 50 to 60% of the deer they cut up were button bucks!! How in the world are we going to get a better buck to doe ratio if we kill off all of next years bucks! Shouldn't we protect them by having a DOE only antlerless hunt. If we can't govern ourselves maybe we need to change THE LAW.I have to work thursday night, I hope one of you will bring this up to the DNR officer in the chat room. Thanks for letting me vent a little.

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I'd be 100% in support of a doe only season instead of the antlerless season we have now. If fact, I'd be in full support of a doe only hunting YEAR next year (I meant this year)! If that will help the herd get better balanced then that is exactly what should be looked into. I too cannot make the campfire this week, so someone please raise the issue to our DNR officer.


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