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Building a better boat

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Building a better boat

BALDWIN — Imagine yourself in the bow of a driftboat. The Pere Marquette River flows beneath you as you look downstream. Your fishing guide, seated behind you and working the oars, directs the boat under and around tree branches. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the fish are biting. It couldn’t be a better day.
Then you hear it: a sound somewhere between a screech and a crunch that is loud enough to scare every fish in the county and kick you out of whatever daydream you were in. The boat just hit the bottom of the river

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I like it, if you can't buy what you want then make it your self!
The sheets of Plascore material is starting gain acceptance with the classic fiberglass crowd as an alternative to plywood for floors,but it is a bit pricey
I don't know if you ever seen the stuff,it comes in sheets and of different thickness,,5/16", 1/2",ect...the sheets are made up of thousands of little honeycombs and before it is laid up it has almost zero weight and is very flexible,but once you hit it with some epoxy resin it is very very strong.
I hear that some of the big power boat companys like Fountain and Formula are starting to play with the stuff as to take some weight off there boats but it is just hear say at this point.
I know of one person who is planning to laminate new stringers and a transom from the stuff,,so when he is done he will have a 1959 Dorsett that will have not one piece of wood in it!
I had a link to where you could buy the sheets like you would use in a floor aplication but I lost the last time I crashed my PC.
This is the best I can do at the moment,but if someone really needs the other I can probably dig it up
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it just might be,,,say you don't happen to have a link to Montana Boat Builders do you?
Actually the stuff is incredibly strong,,,but there is nothing wrong with wood,, some of the best looking and riding boats I have seen were mad of wood ,,,,I just don't want to sand them lol
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