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Brest Bay

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Went to Brest Bay this morning. Don't know if it was the front coming through or what, but; the fishing was dead. Had one hit in 4 hours.

If you're going to the marina on a weekend, get your bait before you drive there. Also get yourself a long stick to push the open button on the marina gate. I intended on heading out on the ice at 6:30, I finally got bait and onto the ice by 7:30.

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How deep were you fishing???? The only reports i have been seeing, the people are fishing too deep.....from my sources, they are just KILLING them after 430 in 12-15 FOW, were usually most people fish 18-20 feet.
you might get yourself in trouble opening that gate before it normally opens. un less you have a key. there is a reason it is closed from dusk to dawn and they have cameras all over too.
Why in the world would you post something like that Huron Dan??? They let the public park in a private marina and launch machines for free and you post that????!!!:mad: :eek: They do that as a favor to the icefisherman. I hope no one ruins it, ahh go head I dont fish there anymore anyways.
I was told by one of the regulars about the stick trick. He's been doing it ever since the gate went in and no one has said anything about it. I posted it mainly to save someone the time wasted going back to another bait shop.
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