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Bowfishing Saginaw Bay (pics)

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Well me and muckamuck4 headed up to saginaw bay after i got out of work on sunday we left at about 6:30 and got there just in time to check out a couple spots and put the boat in the water. A couple members on here gave us different roads to check out so we headed to the 1st one (linwood) we put the boat in on like coggins road or something like that in a little drainage ditch and headed to the bay. We didnt get too many heading out because of how shallow the water was in the ditch but once we got out to the bay we got a couple carp and a gar pike. It was pretty slow to say the least so we thought we would try another spot that someone had mentioned (which we owe a big thanks to) was jones rd. We got that at around 12:45 am, it was a nice drainage ditch and only shallow in a couple spots where we had to drag the boat threw. As soon as we got the boat in the water we heard fish splashing around. We got the boat in, bows and camera ready and began seeing fish TONS OF FISH. Most however were small carp, so to get us started we nailed a couple of those (after a few "practice" shots of course) and then we decided to stop shooting the little ones and hold out for bigger carp or a different speices of fish. We got into the dogfish pretty good and ended up with 5 one of which muckamuck shot that was 26 inches that weighed right around 8 pounds. I got my first goldfish and a dogfish or two and a couple carp. one of my lights went out on the boat so we only had 2 lights wich made things a little more difficult but we still managed to see pretty well. We called it a night at aroun 4am and slept in the truck only to go out the next morning at around 10. We couldnt find a fish for our life up in the drainage ditch so we headed out to the bay. We were out there forever before we finally found the fish... The carp were spotty to say the least but we got into the gar pike really good. Everywhere you looked there were garpike. So we took a few more "practice" shots then started laying into them hot and heavy. Muckamuck kind of killed me on shooting those..seems like everytime he shot he would have another gar, he got a few decent sizers and even shot those small ones that im not sure how he hit. I managed to get a monster but we didnt get it on film because things were so slow when we started we werent filming anymore. It was 45 and 1/2 inches long and weighed in at 10 lbs 3 ounes.. it was an amazing shot after he saw the boat and headed for deeper water. We had a blast and got burnt to a crisp and got a lot of shooting in. Oour pictures may not look like we got into a lot of fish but trust me we could have had all the carp we wanted we just didnt want to shoot all the small ones because we take what we shoot. We got a lot of good footage.... quiet a few misses but quite a few kills on video we will try to post some videos sometime. For now here are a few pictures of our outing. Enjoy
-Hunterhawk and Muckamuck

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congrats awesome pictures!!!:evilsmile
Looks like you guys had a blast.
Thanks for the comments guys. It was a blast...besides for getting burned to a crisp. I guess thats no ones fault, but our own though.
That is really cool. I like the pictures of the gar and dogfish - Can you eat them? Sorry for the question, I've never caught one or shot one before and havent heard of anyone eating these species. I've been off the end of Jones Rd later in the summer when the catfish are thick.
Thanks for sharing the pix.
You can eat gar......in a past Traditional Bowhunter magazine, there was a section on gar bowfishing. Included was a couple recipies.
awsome,way-to-go.i'm jealous,i haven't been out yet.
Lookes like a great time. Thanks for the pics.
Nice pics keep shooting, sorry didn't know you were taking a boat. I took my war eagle with my mud motor out there last year and had a hard time. I'm also burnt after fishing the past two days on the bay, will be out shooting this week though.
Mudfoot, like CT said i hear you can eat gar. I've also heard that dogfish isn't to bad. I've never tried either though.

It would be nice to be able to get together with a few groups of guys and go out and shoot some fish. I dont know how many people would be interested...just a thought???
What Do U Do With The Fish That U Keep? U Can't Be Eating Carp?!?!
mmmmmmm carp:corkysm55 haha no we didnt end up eating these fish... fetilizer mostly.... and in the future maybe **** bait for trapping

Yeah one of those mud buddy motors would be clutch for my boat. me and muckamuck were talking about how much that would have helped... because one of us didnt take wadders:lol: and the other had to push the boat out to the bay once it got to shallow.... and he thought i forgot them on accident....

But ya as muckamuck said it would be fun to have some friendly compition from this board sometime.. set up a smaller shoot than that monsterous one that unless you have a sweet setup you have no chance in winning... I like my 14 ft flatbottom... it is perfect for carp shooting but i think i would need a little wider boat and a better light system if i wanted to win any compititions..... however we were talking about getting in that caseville turnament next year.... I have been trying to patch too many holes in my boat last year and this year... I just about got her fixed i think.... slowed the leaks down a lot better than they were earlier this year.... I put on a coat of that Rhino linning type stuff you can buy at miejers.... it made it so my boat wasnt so loud when you walked from one end to the other and i believe it stoped some of the leaks pretty well... however i think it needs one more coat though... and a paint job yet..... better lift harder muckamuck:)
14 footer huh...i could of swore that was a 12 footer:p.
haha yeah like that guy calls my boat a 12 footer........ after all the time i have spent in my boat he calls it a 12 footer without asking.... the nerve! haha
Kewl. Wish we had gar here. Going out for some carp this weekend here in Kali-fornya.
There was an article in Primative Archer a few years ago where they made a quiver from a big gar.It was pretty sweet but sounded like a lot of work.
That would be neat!!! I need a new quiver too.
Crobar said:
There was an article in Primative Archer a few years ago where they made a quiver from a big gar.It was pretty sweet but sounded like a lot of work.
well you know where he is.... your more than welcome to go retrieve it and start on your quiver muck :evilsmile
What do you guys do with all the coyotes, muskrat and beavers that you killed in your pics? eat them?
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