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Bow Scope Sights

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I have a 3-10x40 scope on my longbow. I can flip a button and it has two additional features: a lighted reticle and night vision capability. It's wonderful except for two things: 1) my longbow, bow quiver and three arrows weighs about 33 ounces, the scope weighs about three pounds! 2) at night, it's really hard to follow the flight of the arrow though the scope, so I think I will get the knocks that glow when the arrow is shot. Mounting the scope isn't too hard unless you put it on a really expensive custom long bow. I just drill holes in the riser, mount a Weaver rail and use Weaver scope rings. If I put it on a really expensive bow, I just use duct tape.
Oopps!! My little finger hit the enter key before I got the chance to tell the Parson I was just pulling his leg!

Seriously, Parson, I'm not sure you will find too many bow hunters here that use bow sights--Michigan TRADITIONAL Bowhunters tend to be into selfbows, recurves, and longbows.

I guess my question is why would you want to use a scope on a bow?? Why not just hunt 'bow naked' instead of loading up with stuff that can, and often does, cause trouble in the field? Try it--it's addictive!!

God bless, Arch
Sorry gang, I am new to this and should have paid better attention to the Traditional part. Really was looking for info for a compound bow.
Hilarious, t.O.A! You really had me going there. I especially like the part about the duct tape!!!!;)
Very Good sound advise. I personally use just duct tape. Easier to carry and can use it for all sorts of things.


You never know maybe we will convert him.

:eek: GOOD GRIEF TOA!! Man, you had me going! I'm thinking, "What in the heck is he doing!" :confused: Then I realized you were just having some fun! :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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