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Bottom Paint Stripper

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I am looking for recommendations for a stripper product to remove all anti-foulant paint from the bottom of my boat. I am taking it down to bare glass. Does anyone recommend a product that they have had great luck with?

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No barrier coat. That is the reason for stripping. I have co-polymer paint on it now. I have done the sanding job on way too many boats now. Just looking to see if there is an easier way. I think the inside of my lungs must be a nice shade of blue:(
I once heard of a product that was used for aircraft applications that was supposed to be awesome but I do not remember the details. I would not use it though unless I was comfortable that it was safe for fiberglass.
My plan is to pull the boat a couple of weeks earlier than usual this fall, get the bottom prepped, then barrier coat next spring

SalmonBum said:
There are many products on the market to strip paint off, easily found at West Marine, etc. Most work mediocre at best. I would buy some sandpaper and get some buddies over and just do it right. Do you know if you have a Barrier Coat? If you do, you don't want to sand that off unless you plan on re-applying it. Barrier coat is usually good for the life of the boat (to a certain extent). If you are barrier-less now, I highly Recommend it, as well as a co-polymer paint, if speed isn't your #1 concern and fishing is (less prep, multi-season, more time on the water).

You muskie guys leave your boats in late in the season. Barrier is a must, unless you use heated winter storage. Pulling out at the last minute and blockin' her doesn't give the hull time to "dry", if blisters are present.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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