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Boles Harbor

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Boat Ramp clear(no docks) ice from the ramp to the lake.If you want some fun fishing try the hot waters from the Twin Stacks.You don't know what you are going to catch back there.Walleyes,Crappie,Bluegill,Catfish,Pike,Bass and I have caught some Steelhead .Minnows and Maggots work good this time of year.
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Any word on the docks at Bolles yet?

The DNR really drug their feet last year getting those docks in. Since there will likly be a big push to hit Erie early this year during March due to the April/May closure, I spoke with Luba Sitar the DNR manager there and she asured me that the docks would be put in as soon as the ice was out.
Marcellus Bodi, aren't the twin stacks at the Port of Monroe? Like if you take I-75 north to the Port of Monroe exit, if you take a left at the exit there's a parking lot a couple of hundred yards to the right, where its along I believe the River Raisen. If you know where I'm talking about is that near where you are you talking?
Bolles Harbor has a DNR launch and is right off I-75 at the LaPleassance Rd exit. Exit 11 I think. The twin stacks and the Raisin River are north of Bolles.
I know where Bolles Harbor is, my uncle has a boat there. Been there a few times, its right across the street from The Stadium Club.
Sorry about that. when I re-read the post I realized you were asking about the hot water discharge area.
The hot water area I was talking about you have to go Northwest from Boles Harbor to get back there. The discharge dumps into Plun Creek and than they both empty into the Lake.Yes the Twin Stacks are the Monroe Power Plant.When you come out of Boles stay out a ways because it is shallow in that area.The area is show going into the creek also so just take your time and go slow and you should be okay.I have seen boats up to 22 ft back there.
I'll have to definately check out the waters by the power plant. The spot I fished was down the road some from the plant. I think that's Front Street where its the Port of Monroe exit off of I-75, ain't it?
RIM,yeah thats the port....I have'nt been over there but I think they put in a fishing pier over there some place......
Cool, I'll have to check out the area see if I can find the peir you mentioned. Only been around there once for fishing. I probably do know of the peir your talking about but I'll have to check it out and make sure. Anybody see that we're supposed to get a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow? At least for SE Michigan we're supposed to.
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