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Boehr - Question about baiting

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Exactly what constitutes a "hunting site"? For example:

If I have a pit blind set up in the middle of a CRP field, can I have a scattered bait pile 75 yards to the north of the blind, another one 75 yards south, another 75 yards east and a 4th 75 yards west? Since they are about 150 yards apart, are they separate "hunting sites", even though I would hunt them all from the same blind depending on the wind direction?

If I have two tree stands on opposite sides of a draw, can I establish a couple of bait piles in the middle of the draw? I would be able to hit either pile from either stand, although again, which stand a hunter would be in depends on the wind. So, could you put a 4 gallon pile in the center claiming it was actually two "hunting sites"? If not, how far apart do the two piles have to be to qualify for two "hunting sites"?

We've kinda been operating on the assumption that a hunting site was defined by where the deer would be. So in my first example, the 4 piles are separate sites, even though there is only one blind. The second example we weren't sure about.

Clarification? Thanks.

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DEERSLAYER provided the correct answer.

As to the question of what distance? There is no set distance because it would be impossible to have a set distance depending on the circumstances in every case. Bow verses gun, flat open land verses swamp or dense hilly land, etc.

A hunting site is the entire area you can possibly hunt from any one location. I say possible because, for example, one hunter hunting with a bow might never take a shot beyond 20 yds. Another hunter might take a shot at 35 yds and then some yahoo might take a shot at 50 yds. So, if you were bow hunting and hunted two bait piles 100 yds apart and had you bow stand set up right in the middle between both piles, both piles are one location. So the best rule is follow DEERSLAYER's answer.:cool:
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