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2003-12-19 - Wireless Flash Weird News
`Sotally Tober' Chosen Best Boat Name Of 2003

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- A man in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, is making a big splash in the boating world with his vessel -- because of its name, not its speed.

Dan Svitko has named his 23-foot Sea Ray Sundancer "Sotally Tober," and, as a result, he has won the Grand Prize in "Boating" magazine's annual boat name contest.

It wasn't a total wash. Sotally Tober had stiff competition from boats with names like "Liquid Medication," "Miss Mymoney" and "Floating Doc," which belongs to a doctor in Austin, Texas
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What did he win? how bout, buckin fuzzard. One of my favorites is Dawg Haus.
I still like Suck My Wake from the movie .. The Great Outdoors with John Candy:D :D :D :D
I wanted to name my boat "Tracie's Diamond Earings", but it wouldn't fit across the back.


(she didn't think it was funny)
maybe she should have picked out bigger diamond earings,,,then you could have got a bigger boat!

I like the way you think!
The prize used to be a coveted "Boating" hat. I let my subscription go, so I didn't see this. Cool names. My boat was "Took-A-Chance" as I bought it without knowing if it would ever run, or float. Turned out well.
Mine was derived for the suffering I've endured at the hands of my wife and daughter.
"Monthly" female biological fluctuations compounded by two is one thing. But to never have them occur at the same time, or for the same duration was a perpetual ride on the Mood Swing from hell.

I forewarned them that their day was coming and they'd pay dearly when my biological clock breaks a mainspring and I succomb to MENTALPAUSE ...:eek: :p :D
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I like that. Reminds me of my buddies boat
"AWOL from PMS"
My favorite:

I named my boat TREBLEMAKER.:D
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