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I suggest checking to see if the plants have some other condition as needlecast is usually not going to kill a tree on it's own. Needlecast is often a symptom of stressful conditions the plant is experiencing. My biggest concern would be some type of canker. This is a serious vascular disease with no economical cure which will cause serious problems and is a spruce killer.
If needlecast is indeed the problem, I recommend 2 fungicide applications early in the year to protect new growth. Use a follow up fungicide applied about 4 weeks after the first app. Most fungicides labeled for ornamental use will cover needlecast.
We literally saved a grove of austrian pines for a commercial property a few years ago with 3 succesive years of fungicide treatments.
Another note, if you contact a commercial company to quote spraying they will usually beef up applications and costs, especially when someone is really concerned about their plants. I'd suggest a bit of haggling over price and insist on only 2 applications as opposed to three. Is three better, sure, but the benefit would probably not be worth the expense as the disease is not active under normal weather conditions for a period of time long enough to warrant 3 apps.
Good luck!
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