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birds for sale

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does anyone know where i can get some birds to train with in southeast michigan. I have heard there is someone in rockwood but i cant find them.

thanks for the help
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I believe that your talking about Sheffler Farms- He is on Woodruff road in Rockwood. Call information and they should be able to direct you to his number. If you go down old fort to Woodruff and take a left, his farm is on the right hand side. You cant miss it.
Real nice guy, and he's dose have a huge pen where the cows were years ago. If you do get any info on the birds please let us know.
Here is the # 734-379-3067 and 734-341-6726 He has mallards, quail, chukkar, and pheasants. Ask for Casey!:)
Hows the mallard thing work? can u shoot them on your own land, or does it have to be season?I actually just orderd some chuckers cause I KNOW you came shoot them anytime of the year on your own land.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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