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Big Ones At St. Joe

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Decided to beat the crowd at St. Joe on Fri. & hit the surf . Waded out & gave the first one the old heave-ho as far as I could & did the same with # 2 only half as far out . Then I sat back for some rod watching . I didn't have to wait long . About 5 minutes later I see a boat clear the pier heads & start trolling towards me . They've got 2 outside riggers , two planer boards & 2 flat lines out . I can see this plainly because they're only about 150 feet out from shore . As luck would have it , just as the fellow fishermen were going by me , my first rod goes down , reel screaming , I run over to grab that one when my second one does the same . So I scramble over & grab that one , too , so it doesn't get dragged away . Must of been quite a school , because the guys in the boat are hooking up , too . Ended up breaking off both lines . I yelled out a couple questions to the boat , something about their lineage & IQ , & sent them half a peace sign , or was it quarter of a "live long & prosper sign" . Doesn't matter , they knew what I meant . Then I proceded to re-rig . Definitely the biggest ones of the year so far .
Always good to get away & relax , though .
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Well, at least you got to show them the big number one. Catch any fish after that?
Nothing in the big lake . Hit a trib. on the way home & got a small buck steelhead . There's just a few coho's starting to show & a brown & steelhead once in awhile . Pretty slow overall . Should start to pick up next weekend . Unless the weathermans wrong (& he usually is) , might hit 60 Sat.
HuRon I have some 1# balls that you could use on your next trip. A boat that got 1# thrown its way would never get to close again. I know that I would have learned a lesson.
1#'ers ! WOW thats bringing out the big guns . Had some 3oz.er's I was considering . Should I follow Navy protocol & fire one over their bow first ? Oh well , probably just some rookie driver , or one that needs glasses . Thanks for the offer , Tom . Glad to hear you've been getting a few over the bubbler .
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HuRon, they weren't in a Lund Baron were they? A friend of mine was supposed to be out there. If it was them I'd be happy to explain to them the error of their ways.
No Brian , it wasn't the Lund . I saw them come out just before the "other" boat trolled through . They were very courteous & stayed out aways . Gotta appreciate that . Did they do any good ?
I try not to post "negative" threads . But it's not the first time this has happened to me or my friends . Lake Michigan is big enough for everybody . Just want to make people aware of the pier & surf guys out there . The other boat might have just made a mistake , we all do . The boat is easily recognizable & next time I see them I'll try to graciously ask them to be more courteous . If they're not , then we've got a problem .
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HuRon, I won't know how he did until I see him tomorrow at work.

Theres nothing "negative" about the post. I'm sure there are a few people who may have read it that didn't realise how far shore fishermen can cast. Sharing these experiences provide those gentle reminders that may result in a better co-habitation between the boater and the pier/shore angler.
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