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Originally posted by pikedevil
Thats not at a US caught cat for sure. Looks to me like a wells catfish native to Europe....Even then thats a really big one. Looks like it could be 150# + easy.
It is not a native U.S. fish and they believe it to be a Wels cat native to Europe and Asia.
But it was caught in the Mississippi they claim. Maybe courtesy of freighter bilges like are beloved gobies and zebras? Just a guess on my part. Or it could be B.S. that it was caught here. But it's big.

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We would like to welcome Lipton Tea to the many
sponsors of our May 22, 2004 Catfish Tournament in
Rockwood Michigan. Lipton will be sponsoring by
donating $500 cash. Further details to follow.

Duracraft will have their new 20' Catmaster boat on
display prior to the tournament. The boat will be
given away in a drawing of tournament anglers names.

Total available cash and prizes is now expected at
$125,000.00. We expect a huge turn-out and the
available purse to grow to well over $150,000.00,
including the tagged fish.

For more info and entry information go to:


Boats are started in the order that entries are

Hope to see you there.


Monroe, MI

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That fish was not caught in Texoma, that article has been circling around the internet for a while. The article itself may be real but the pictured fish is

A) Obviously more than 140 pounds.

B) Not native to Texas or North America at all, that is a Wels catfish, native to Europe and Asia.

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If cats that big have the same properties as the smaller ones that around here, I have to wonder how much slime those 2 guys got all over them after picking up that beast!
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