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Big Manistique

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Any reports from there? Heading up in a few days.
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How’d you do? Got a group heading up second weekend in February, most haven’t ice fished before.
Rain, slush and 55 degree first day. Then she dropped to 5 and all the gear froze solid. Caught some perch and pike. No walleye. Lost something big due to my drags were frozen and wouldn’t work. Good luck.
Dang!!!! At least you got some action. I don’t see many reports for this lake on this forum. Fished it 1/2 day last year during our snowmobiling trip, lost one eye and landed one all within 10 minutes of setting up, then nothing the rest of the day. Didn’t really go at it too hard, don’t even think I had a fishfinder. Hopefully we get into them.
Fished Round lake. Killed the perch.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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