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Big Bucks, a must read

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Forget food plots, mineral licks, just put up a fence and get yourself a Jordan Buck, Hole in The Horn, etc.

A new way to manage the herd?? Not entirely absured IMO.

Wait until they get the 'big rack' gene isolated and clone that into the monster bucks. Everyone can have a monster of their own!

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (AP) — Texas A&M University is fawning over its latest clone: a white-tailed deer named Dewey.

Dewey the deer represents the fifth species cloned by Texas A&M scientists.

The university's College of Veterinary Medicine announced on Monday that Dewey was born in May, and is believed to be the world's first successfully cloned deer.

"Dewey is developing normally for a fawn his age and appears healthy," said Dr. Mark Westhusin, who heads the project. "He has been bottle-fed and spoiled rotten his whole life."

Westhusin said the school didn't disclose the news until it performed tests that confirmed Dewey was a genetic copy of his donor, a south Texas buck considered a huge trophy.

Researchers say the breakthrough could help conserve endangered deer species.

To create the clone, cells were isolated from skin samples from the buck.

A&M has now cloned five species, including cattle, goats, pigs and a cat.


As time pasess, I can't help but feel that we'll likely destroy everything we hold dear in this world and then ourselves.
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You knew it was just a matter of time..... Too bad. This whole cloning thing, though interesting, could very well get seriously out of hand.

hmmm, I wonder if I will soon be able to order up that double drop tine and double brow tine combo monster I have been dreaming about........ Just kidding obviously!
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Originally posted by Swamp Monster
double drop tine and double brow tine combo monster
Would you like that wrapped?

steak sauce?

how would you like it done?

delivered or will you wait for it?
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Why is this in the QDM forum?

Neal, as you may know, we (as a people) are (or are thinking about) gentically altering food animals as we are currently doing with food crops.
Is it too far fetched to concieve that we could genetically alter our deer herd?

We (as a race) could alter the deer to give birth to triplet bucks, to better balance the herd ratio.

Is this too far off topic?

It wasn't meant to be offensive, just FYI stuff.
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I like it. Clone all of those famous world-record bucks, and everyone can have one for their wall.

HERE'S THE BEST PART - After trophy cloning becomes widespread, when we try to manage our deer herd for a balanced sex and age structure, NO ONE will be able to make the ludicrous case, like they do now, that we're only trying to feed our desires as trophy hunters.

Takes that one right off the table!:D
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I'd like that delivered in a shoulder mount version, semi sneak thank you. No steak sauce necessary....them cloners should be tender right? and geneticlay flavored I assume. You can deliver it after I pull the trigger, and cook it too! Medium rare, with a nice California red, prefereably a Merlot!
Freep~ I'm not at all offended, I just didn't see the relation. I guess at a stretch, nothing genetically is impossible, or even improbable.

Cool Neal, I know the waters are pretty "stained elsewhere" so I thought I come over here and weather the storm.

Exactly, it wouldn't be about the horns anymore, because everyone would have them, and they would be the ones they shot.

Instant gratification like Swamp Monster and I eluded to (ie. McTrophies :D ;) :cool: :eek: )
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McTrophies !!!

killer funny


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Don't waste your money. The clone leaves your property and the neighbor shoots him when he's a button or a yearling.

Remember, in additon to the genes, antler size is nutrition and age dependent, the latter being severely lacking in Michigan.
Neal, I'd just like to clone that basket rack cartoon deer you've got running at the bottom of your posts! He's a shooter in my book. The more I stare at that thing, I wonder how I'd lead him with my rifle! ;)
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