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(Powered by Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion Technology)! Here is the demo video:

I thought about making these and selling them, but there really isn't any margin and take a bit of time so I am just going to show you all how to do it step by step. Follow these steps and make your own ammo for an awesome 50 yards and closer hunting slug that performs like a broad head with 1.75 inches of expansion!

Step #1 - Get a box of these 220 grain Maximum Expansion .452 Slugs from Lehigh Defense, LLC: https://www.lehighdefense.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=139

Step #2 - Buy the aerosol version of the John Deere Graphite Lubricant / Coating - TY25797: https://www.greenpartstore.com/John-Deere-Graphite-Lubricant-TY25797.html

Step #3 - Put the slug into a drill or drill press and spin it while sanding just a bit with 220 grit paper. Just enough to give the copper a texture for the graphite coating to adhere better.

Step #4 - Soak in a bath of Acetone for a few minutes and remove and let dry.

Step #5 - Set the slugs up on a surface facing hollow-point down. Spray the slugs evenly with the coating with light coats. About 3-4 coats will bring it up to .459-.460. This step is critical because you want the coating to exceed the .457 size of your barrel.

Step #6 - (Optional) I have shot these both sized .458 and totally unsized and I actually picked up 30 FPS NOT sizing them! I think they are sealing better unsized.

WHY THIS WORKS? So basically what I have created with this ammunition mod is a micro rifling situation where the rifling in your barrel is just biting into the .452 copper slug just enough to give it proper spin, but not getting all the friction that you would get if the slug was a full .457-.458. The graphite coating is filling in the space from .452 to over .457 creating a full air seal to get maximum velocity.

The graphite coating is so soft you really don't need to size these because the second you pull the trigger and the slug engages that rifling, it is basically sizing the soft coating on the fly and sealing the barrel. I have found there is little to no graphite coating remnants left in the barrel. No more than the typical amount of leading I get from traditional lead slugs.

The Lothar Walther steel used in a AirForce Airguns Texan .45 can shoot copper just fine from a hardness stand point and you aren't going to hurt your barrel doing this. The biggest issue with shooting full copper slugs is we just don't have enough chamber pressure to overcome the friction of copper. The technique above gets around this issue by lowered the overall rifling depth while getting the proper seal you need for decent velocity.

With the AirForce Texan .45 Carbon Fiber bottle kit I am getting right at 900 FPS. The accuracy I am getting is 1.5 groups at 50 yards and about 10 inches of penetration through thick pork shoulder roasts.

I WOULD NOT USE THESE BEYOND 50 yards. I don't think the accuracy is there nor the penetration. But archery like distances 50 yards and in on a Whitetail Deer, you are going to get DEVASTATING EXPANSION and if you get this thing into a broadside deer into the Heart and Lung area, it is going to cause extreme amounts of hemorrhaging and trauma for an ethical harvest.
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