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best time for mushrooms

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I go to the luzurne area in Oscoda county and am looking for your predictions on the best weekend for mushroom hunting. I will be up for opening of trout season and turkey if I get my permit on the last weekend in april but can go up anytime. I know that the weather has alot to do with it but is there a time that has been best over the years. thanks in advance.

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I hunt ‘shrooms extensively in the area you have mentioned and have found Morels (blacks) in quantity as early as mid April. Your timing around the opening of trout & turkey will probably yield good quantities of blacks. The larger white morels generally do not show up until the first week in May. The first week of May will generally give up both blacks and a few whites, then the blacks disappear and the white’s become more plentiful toward mid May.

Here’s a few excerpts from my 2000 journal

4/27 found 298 Blacks at Ichabod’s near Ash & Popple on S. Slopes & valley basins
4/28 found 327 Blacks by The Rock near Ash, east facing slopes in the leaves
4/29 found 543 Blacks at Ichabod’s near Ash, Popple and valley
5/6 found 1628 Blacks in the Ash Stand, left many in the woods that were too dry to pick, picked the good ones on NW slopes
5/13 found 43 Whites near The Dens by dead Elm & Live Ash
5/14 found 74 Whites by the Salmon Can
5/20 found 127 Whites on the Birch Trail
5/21 found 85 Whites in the Spot by dead Elms

Of course the locations are coded because us mushroom hunters are known to be as tight lipped at brook trout fisherman.

Good luck, let me know how you do.


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