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Best day/worst day

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This will be a long post and as of the day I've had spelling will probally be wost than my usual.
Today was my birthday my son and all three setters went to Bear Creek shooting presevre for a X-mas/birthday gift. This is the first time in a long time my boy went hunting with me and I was looking foward to having a great time. I turned my two old setters out first my eleven year old ran like a pup found the first two birds and was backed by my eight year old setter. I believe the birds were wearing flack jackets got two of the four put out the other two went to the next county with a five gun salute each(2 by me 3 by my son). We hunted about a hour and a half went back to the club house for a cold one and chat with owner(he's a friend). The guy in the field next us had a first time out G.P.S. and his birds all flew into our field so the owner asked if he could join us which we were glad to have an extra person and dog. Turned out my young dog(he just turned three on the first) and his mother who already ran hour and a half. This pup is a big runner he was making ten acere cuts he would dig in a foot spin around and lock solid on point. By the time we got there the bird had problly moved at least another 50 ft. or so, the guy with the short hair was impressed he couldn't believe the dog could smell a bird that far away, I didn't tell him I'm sure the bird moved.So with three of us throwing lead the pup still had to make some 100 yard retrieves.

My little female went on point at the edge of the wood lot and was pointing under a deadfall. Her pup came up and backed my boy went in for the flush and had a puzzled look on his face. I said is it a bird? He yells it's a hawk. I go over to look I believe it's a young eagle(can somebody tell me for sure).

I sized these two picture bigger to try identify easier.
This was the best part of my day now for the worst part. I let my ego get out of hand and ran dogs to long(four hours). My eight year old had a seizer in the field my boy ran to the club house to get a four wheeler to take her back to the car. Now I'm not a relegious man but I layed down on the wet cold ground wrapped her in my vest and prayed to God she didn't die because I ran her too long. Took about 20 minutes for the four wheeler to get back to her she came out of it but still a little wobbly so the owner took her to the club house and put her on the couch. Now with this happening you would think I would have be smart enough to quit. Things got worst, we kept going back and forth accross this big field to get the cripples we weren't good enough shooter to kill over points(I guess I forgot to tell you how well these birds fly and it's rooster only here). Looked around no pup, no bell, nothing. Went back to the last place I seen him there he was I though with a pheasant pinned to the ground. Wrong again he just flat ran out of gas and was laying there waiting for me to come and get him. This time we both rode the four wheeler back to the club house. As bad of a day as the two dogs had it got worst they all got baths when they got home.

From here things got even worst the pup weights around 45 lbs. but when you add soap he turns into a 400lb. gorrila. He jumped up kicked me in the face broke one of the nose pieces off my glasses straighten out one of the bows and damm near knock me out, who says payback aren't h_ll!
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W.D. Sounds like a horrific day- Makes you appreciate those days when "nothing special" occurs. Glad to hear all is well. Let me know if your available for a great pigeon hunt. My pup and I might venture your way for an afternoon or morning.

Isn't it illegal to shower w/ animals in Michigan? If not my damn attorneys a liar! Just playing of course..

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