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Berrien county

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I'm A transplant from central Indiana. Is there any good ice fishing in this area, and is it safe after the warm up we had?
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Glad to finally bear about magician. I fish that lake all summer, and always wanted to on the ice. With being an hour drive for me and not knowing anyone to get a report from. I would hate to make the drive and there's not enough ice, I always figure since it's a fairly large lake it would be one of the last to freeze. I know it stays pretty shallow in front of the launch. Do you know if it's decent fishing in the shallower area where the ice is decent?
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Awesome thanks for the info I would love to get into some crappie. The eyes are the main reason I fish it in the summer time. Definitely going to try to get on it Friday evening before the warm spell.
I've never fished for eyes on they the ice, what do you normally use?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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