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Met up with some of my friends for a picnic on Belle Isle beach Saturday. Of course I packed a few fishing rods, a net, and a backpack with some basic baits and gear to do a little casting from shore to see what might be happening. After some swimming, hanging out, and tossing a football around in the pleasantly cool and relatively clear water, I headed slightly downstream of the beech in a shrub-lined area that just looked like there would be fish around to toss a few lures around. And sure enough there were fish. Saw a smallish gar swimming around right nearby.

Fan-casted a few swimbaits, spoons, and a tiny torpedo around, moved a little downstream, tossing a swim shad way out (those things cast well!) and ripping it back quickly, when on one of the first few casts in the new spot it stopped. Thought for a second or 2 I was snagged, and then a fish made an acrobatic leap. Got one! Looked like a mid teens bass, but turned out to be better than that (guess I'm used to bigger, toothier critters), a light and greenish and chunky clear water smallie over 18 inches, probably close to 19 had I closed the mouth and pinched the tail, who I promptly released after the quick photo shoot.

20190706 sm bass t.jpg

No more takers after that with the swimbait or torpedo, it got raining more heavily, and I packed it up. Nice little diversion. Might hit the area with my boat one of these days. I've had some good smallie action not too far away on the lower end of the lake. When I was a kid I would never have imagined catching nice smallies in what was then the foul, gray water of the Detroit River at Belle Isle.
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