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Bear Tag Results

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You can go online to see if you are successful now.
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Congratulations. I drew a blank in redoak with 7 points.
First hunt carney unit. Looking forward to it.
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Decided to cash in my 7 points to spend a week in the Keewenaw. I hired Chris Okeefe with Keewenaw Bear hunts for a bait only hunt, will camp in copper harbor. I can’t wait!

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I got my 2nd season Amasa tag. Super excited for September. First time ever hunting bear.
Congrats guys!
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No tag yet for me in red oak, Seems to take for ever, Hopefully wrinkles is still alive when I draw a tag. Good luck to everybody that did draw a tag.
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3rd hunt Newberry Successful!
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Success - first hunt Baraga Unit
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