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After reading a comment on a previous thread, about what bears like to eat and what we feed them. The question then arises what effect does that have on the taste of bear meat. For example if you deer hunt and shoot when up in God's country in the north, they seem to be much tougher and more gamey tasting. If you shoot one in the southern lower where there are a lot of crops for them to naw on all year they are not as tough and seem to have a much better taste. :D It would be great to hear everyone's take on the taste of bear meat, Good, Bad, or indifferent on the issue. I have heard so many guys say no they won,t touch it others say its great. Does it effect the bears like it does the deer? If the bear have more opportunity to food plots and farm fields does the meat taste better? Opinions Please?:)

bear meat is similar to beef, except it is a bit sweeter tasting.
Depending on the bear, and the time of year, might or might not be
lean, or stringy....

I have had limited chances at it, but take it when I get the chance.

I like it, and so does my family.
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