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bear hunting in ontario

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anybody been to a good place to fall hunt bear in ontario,im not looking for a cheap place just a place with a good chance and great services thats not a rip off thanks
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LOWE'S BLACK BEAR CAMP=A family run camp that I have been to three times. Got a 300lb bear first hunt with a bow. Got a 165lb bear the second trip. Only reason I shot it was because of the white v on his chest. Try this web site. www.blackbearcamp.com
Did not get a bear last year. Was wanting something bigger. Biggest shot there last year was 345lb. The other three guys with me shot 265, 245 and 135lb bears. They are right on birch lake and have good prices. Place is for sale so get there while the Lowe's still run it. About 10hr drive from Monroe Mi.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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