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Barnes Is Shipping Bullets to Retailers

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I just noticed that Barnes has began shipping new bullets to retailers. I was able to order some 250gr .451” Bullets for the 450 Bushmaster. There are not cheap but at least they are available.

Barnes #30996

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I've noticed barnes has been available online through a lot of this. If I was using it in a magnum or a woods rifle I wouldn't think twice. But my .308 I want to be able to shoot past 250 without questioning expansion.
No they don't expand below a certain velocity because they are monolithic bullets.
I don't see many 180s in stock period. See a few basic cup and core, monolithic, and match bullets.

Thankfully it looks like I am finally set. The two 180s I tried in my new barrel didn't shoot as well for me. The 168 shot really well and the 175 pretty good as well.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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