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Ban on lead sinkers aims to protect loons

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Ban on lead sinkers aims to protect loons

Ottawa -- The federal government plans to ban lead fishing tackle, in a bid to improve habitat and prevent the deaths of waterfowl and other animals.

Environment Minister David Anderson said yesterday that he will soon propose regulations to prohibit importing, manufacturing or selling lead fishing sinkers and jigs.

Lead fishing gear accounts for about 18 per cent of all direct lead releases into the environment, the government says.

Ottawa says up to 30 per cent of reported loon deaths during the breeding season in Eastern Canada are caused by lead poisoning.

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Just another good reason to avoid going to or spending money in Canada.
You gotta be kidding us -

What the heck is going on in Canada now days, they were our good friends at one time.

I've given up on em over the past few years with their upper negitive attitude about Americans in general.

Time to pull the plug and let em go! We don't need em!

I hate to break the bad news to you, but the move to ban all lead from fishing is moving along in the US as well.
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