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Bald Eagle Killed By Snowmobile Near Trout Lake

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We had a very large group of guys sledding in the EUP from mid week till this morning. Part of the group found a dead bald eagle on one of the trails and took it to the store in Trout Lake where they called the DNR.

Apparently the eagle was feeding on a snowmobile killed deer when it was hit. The eagle had a tag on it so maybe there is some history on this bird. I don't know any other info on it than this.
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wow, thats to bad. i really find eagles to be very interesting. i am sorry to hear that.

on our way to the up a few years back we almost hit one with the motorhome. it was something to see this huge bird jump up and fly right across the windsheild of the rv. it used to be that the dnr would drop deer carcasses off onto small lakes or ponds to keep the birds off the roadway. i wonder if they still do that?
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