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bad fishing

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I fish about 10 different lakes from little bay de noc to Weiss lake in Ala. Just about everyone I talk to say fishing been off the last couple of years. Look at fishing pressure, great lakes water levels decline, pollution, water clarity in the great lakes. Weiss Lake locals blame the ski dos for messing up shallow spawning beds. We have better eqiupment. What irrates me the most if it has an A-HOLE and EYE BALLS. it goes in the bucket. Talk to a reseacher on Lake Erie last year. He said with the zebra mussels clearing up the lake. The survival of fish going from larve, fry, to fingerling is going to change cause of the clear water. Just something to think about. Sorry just ment to post this to reply about BAD FISHING LATELY, not a new topic.:)
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Stampman,Lived amile from Erie most of my life so I know what ya mean about the zebra mussels but you also have to figure in the Goby and other non native intruders that have gotten into the ego system.Another thing,walleye fishing in the months of April and May has been stopped on Erie along with creel and size changes but not on the Detroit River where a lot of the fish are females.Alot of those 9-12lb+ fish that are caught are full of eggs.With a couple of hundred boats out on the weekend and most everyone catching fish,seems to me that puts a hurt on things also...I know some guy's that has fish Lake Weiss also and I guess that it is an awsome crappie fishery...........
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