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Backpack basket

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Looking for trapping basket in the grand blanc area. Want to see one for size comparisson before I order one. Only thing I can find is online. Want one at least 5 gallon size. Thanks.

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The thing I didn't like about a trappers basket for morels was the fact that trappers baskets are VERY rough on the mushrooms, and you end up with a big mess on the bottom. There are baskets available that are made from smooth material which is much more user friendly, and even a little less as far as cost. Meijers has some that have worked well for me, now whether or not these can be made into a back pack version is up to you and your creativity. I think i remember a trash basket for bathrooms and such that were about 10-12 gallon size. Good luck.....should be a good year once again!
The round material baskets preform alot better than the onion sacks. The more weight in an onion sack, the more they get pressed into the mesh as you've seen. The same think happens with baskets, and the more weight and verticle heigth you have the more crushing you'll get. I've actualy gone to a smooth basket that is wider than it is tall, and rarely have more than 2 layers of mushrooms before I do a dump into a styrofoam cooler in the truck. This has worked well for me. I suggested the batroom basket as you were wanting to back pack it, but if you can be sold on a wider, shallow basket, its definately the way to go. Another thing is you can pick 100's of blacks without having two layers, but with whites you can only handle 50-75 before any reasonable container is full. I'd rather have 1 sack of blacks over 5 sacks of whites any day. ;)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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