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Auction set for Sugar Loaf

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Auction set for Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf Resort may be auctioned off to the highest bidder by a Leelanau County Sheriff’s Deputy at the county courthouse in Leland on March 22.

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Maybe we should all pool our money. It sure would make one hell of a M-N-G location or perhaps an MS deer camp?

Is it good deer hunting? Man that would be sweet to own that much land with a mountain. Talk about food Pots!!!!:eek:
food pots? Do deer eat those wacky plants with five leaves?
I thought it was the rut that made their eyes red!!...LMAO
I couldnt resist!!:D ;)
What? Steve missed our bid?

Sugar Loaf sold to only auction bidder for $900,000
It has been closed since 2000

LELAND - The company of a former Sugar Loaf owner submitted the lone bid at a sheriff's auction for the closed ski resort.
Sugar Loaf Service Co. submitted a $900,000 bid at a Monday auction held at the county building, reported court officer Philip C. Williams, who conducted the sale.

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Interesting history behind the bidding.

Title complicated for Loaf
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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