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Atlantis camera battery ?????'s

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My camera uses a 12v 4.5 amp battery but it only last for six hours. My dad has a 12v 2 amp for his fish finder. Will this be enough power for the Atlantis? This will allow me to have the camera for the entire day.

Just curious if anyone has tried other batteries. I was thinking it would work but just not for as long. Or it might not have enough juice to power it up at all.:confused:
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I use a 12v--7 amp hour battery for mine. The more amp hour it is the longer it will last. You can always buy a spare battery for those days where you need more juice.

I carry a 7 amp hour and a 4.5 amp hour.
The 2 amp would probably work but just for a lot less time than the 4.5. If you've got a 4.5 amp/hr battery it will power something drawing one amp for about 4.5 hours (Or a current draw of 4.5 amps for 1 hour, thus 4.5 amp/hours) I'd say that if you're getting approximately 6 hours on the bigger battery you could figure about three hours tops on the smaller one.
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We use a few extra 1.3 amp batteries for our camera and they last pretty long. We got them at scientific america. You can also get a used one at 5 amp or more for $9.00. I have one of thier catalogs if you want it.
Three hours sound good to me, that would be all I need.

Thanks....If it's not obvious I don't know electricity well. I call an electrician to change a light bulb.:D
Yeah, I'll take a look at it Mike. Any chance of you making it out tomorrow?
Were going to Sugarloaf I think tomorrow afternoon.
Keep me posted. I have Tues, Wed and Thurs next week off but may have to use the drift boat if the weather breaks like they say it should.
OK will do.
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